New! Acrylic Clear Coat MASTER C38 VHS 2:1

New! Acrylic Clear Coat MASTER C38 VHS 2:1

Clear coat MASTER C38 VHS 2:1

TROTON meets all professional painters’ demands creating an innovative product of the highest quality!

The new acrylic clear coat Master C38 VHS 2:1 combines fast drying time (3 hours at 20°C)  with long pot life, which allows the application on small elements as well as the over all painting of car bodies.

The Master C38 VHS 2:1 is distinguished by its high gloss, excellent depth, very high solids content, low content of volatile compounds, very good overspray absorption and excellent flow. During application, the clear shows no tendency to run, allowing you to obtain the desired finish.

The Master C38 VHS 2:1 is available with standard and fast hardeners and the use of high-quality resins ensures that it is compatible with most basecoats available on the market.

Its perfect finish, depth and gloss, leaves professionals with no doubt as to their choice of clear coat. Master C38 VHS 2:1, the highest quality without compromise!

  • For complete and partial repairs.
  • Very high content of solids >55%.
  • Perfect finish.
  • High gloss.
  • Easy application.
  • Very good overspray absorption.
  • Excellent flow.
  • Fast drying:

20°C – 3 hours, 60°C – 15 minutes.

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