Polyurethane Acrylic Primer V2012 5:1

Polyurethane Acrylic Primer V2012 5:1

High quality two-component polyurethane acrylic primer with excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces: steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, polyester body fillers
and old coatings. Designed especially for automotive repair. It is characterized with easy process of mixing and application, exceptional stability on vertical
surfaces, good filling properties, superb isolation and easy sanding quality.

  • Excellent adhesion to difficult substrates.
  • Easy to mixing and apply.
  • Exceptional vertical stability.
  • Good filling and isolation properties.
  • Easy to sanding.

Excellent leveling and good absorption of dust spray supports easy application of primer. Good isolation properties reduces the risk of the appearance
of mapping effect. Short curing time and high filling properties guarantee easy and fast processing.
Available colors of primer: white, black and light grey.
Primers of different colors can be mixed in any proportion to achieve the expected tone of gray.

product no.
unit amout
quantity in one carton
80710,8L + 016L6
75333,15 L4
75340,63 L4

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