The respirator

Application: solid particles of medium toxicity, dusts of asbestos, copper, barium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, hard wood dusts, coal dust containing more than 10% of free silica, mining industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipyards, hard woodworking. Exhaust valve facilitates breathing. Filtering efficiency of this respirator class exceeds 94%, and breathing resistance increases slightly, that is why it is recommended to use a valve.

Compact, anatomical shape, pleasant to the touch and of delicate material. The respirator is covered with a special layer of protective cloth, which extends its life. Thanks to the lateral placement of the valve it is possible to fold the respirator and keep it in the pocket without damage.

Useful for protection the respiratory tract against dusts, solid particles aerosols and liquid aerosols to 10 x PAC.


Class : FFP2

NDS: 10 x NDS

Standard: EN 149:2001

Product number : 300009959

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