Clear Coat C88

Clear Coat C88

New Master Line Acrylic Clear Coat 2:1
Troton Company is extending its offer with the new transparent acrylic clear coat

C88 PREMIUM SPEED HS 2:1 is characterised by fast curing time. It is touch free (ready to mount) after only 90 minutes at 20°C. Using high quality resin

allows the C88 PREMIUM SPEED HS 2:1 to work with all base coats available on the market.


Dust free at 20°C25 ÷ 30 minutes
Touch free at 20°C
(ready to mount)
90 minutes
Baking at 60°C
(temperature of the object being baked )
15 minutes
IR Drying7 ÷ 12 minutes
Full hardness7 days

C88 PREMIUM SPEED HS 2:1 clear coat leaves a high gloss and scratch resistant coat. It is easy to apply. It has no tendency to flow from vertical surfaces allowing to get a perfect structure of the coat. Despite the fact that it is a fast product, the cured coat will not lose its gloss.

C88 PREMIUM SPEED HS 2:1 clear coat, thanks to its high final hardness, is easy to be devoid of any dirt inclusions during the further polishing process.

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